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We’ve taken the effort out of cleaning Keycards – in fact ALL cards! Click here so see how elegant and simple the Clean-a-Card System is.

Technology & Testing

The technology behind the Clean-a-Card System is astounding. Here's why such a simple task needs to be so ‘Hi-Tech’?

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Infection Protection: How Little Things Make a Big Impact

Clean-a-Card helps you make that first impression a lasting impression. Giving them a freshly cleaned antimicrobial keycard straight from the Clean-a-Card unit opens the door to letting them know all the other steps you have taken with antimicrobial solutions – that you have made their stay ‘Microbeproof’.

Protect your Guests

A study published in 2017 evaluated both used and new key cards and found that used key cards were considerably more dirty than new key cards (Park et al., 2017)*.  The first thing that a guest touches during the check-in experience is a key card, and that key card will accompany the guest on visits to the pool, the restaurant, the beach, and local attractions. The more times a card is touched, dropped, or set down on a contaminated surface, the more opportunities for the card to pick up dirt and germs. Your guests will be happy to know that their key cards were cleaned prior to use.


Clean-a-Card delivers a simple solution to efficiently disinfect and renew the surface of returned cards prior to the next guest check-in.

* Park, H., Kim, J., Zhang, M., Almanza, B., Fisher, J.J., & Ma, J. (2017). Hotel key cards: How clean is the first thing guests touch on their way to their rooms? Journal of Environmental Health, 80(2), 16-19.

Because You Care

At Clean-a-Card we understand that caring for the little things gets big results.
Little things such as cleaning guest keycards shows you care about protecting them from pathogens – right from the time they check in.  By caring for the little things you give your guests the confidence that you also care for their rooms, the tabletops, their bed, the door handles, the amenities, the common areas – their whole stay.

Showing you care is what makes the difference.

Save Time and Money

In today’s environment, hoteliers face rising operating costs and a heightened focus on disease prevention. Your Clean-a-Card R3 System (Return, Renew, Reuse) efficiently disinfects and refreshes the surface of today’s returned guest keys, preparing them to be safely re-issued to tomorrow’s arriving guests. Unlike manual cleaning methods that may damage guest keys or leave germs behind on the surface, the Clean-a-Card system is quick and effective, will help control key card costs, and will help support your property’s sustainability goals. Furthermore Clean-a-Card dispenses with the tedious, expensive, and unhygienic task of using sprays and wipes to disinfect your keycards. It streamlines the cleaning, doesn’t take up valuable staff time, protects staff from pathogens on used cards, demonstrates to guests that you care enough to go the extra mile.

"With Clean-a-Card Peace of Mind is Always in the Cards"