What's Involved?

The Clean-a-Card™ system employs a disinfectant solution and soft roller system to gently remove contaminants and disease-causing germs from used key cards. The compact proprietary unit is electric powered and designed to run on a desk or small table. The loading and unloading hoppers at both ends of the unit allow the user to load a batch of cards and step away for a few minutes to get other work done as the Clean-a-Card™ system cleans and refreshes each individual card. The finished key cards are clean, dry, and ready for your arriving guests. The Clean-a-Card™ instructions are simple, and we’re always a phone call away if you have questions. We’ll provide you with everything you need.

R3 Keycard Recycling

Clean-a-Card™ provides a simple proprietary system, employing a powered cleaning unit and a powerful antimicrobial disinfectant, to efficiently decontaminate and renew the surface of returned cards. The renewed cards can be safely re-issued to arriving guests and customers.


A well-designed Clean-a-Card™ R3 program for card Return, Renewal, and Reuse will help control costs and reduce the cost of keycards of up to 50% as well as supporting your business sustainability goals, without sacrificing health and safety.

Return, Renew, Reuse

RETURN: Quarantine Used Keycards

As in any decontamination process you need to segregate used keycards from the clean cards. Put the used keycards into a designated quarantine chamber until you are ready for the disinfecting process.

RENEW (A): Install Cards for Easy Cleaning

Clean-a-Card makes the card disinfecting process easy. All you need to do is take the used cards from your quarantine container and fill it with up to 200 cards at a time. You can then insert the Filler Hopper into your Clean-a-Card unit, set the speed rate, and activate.

Its that easy!

RENEW (B): Automatic Cleaning, Disinfection and Drying

The Clean-a-Card unit allows the user to set the speed of the cleaning process from 15 to 20 cards per minute with a disinfecting speed of 5 to 8 seconds per card.

Each card goes through a three-fold hyper-cleaning process where the Clean-a-Mist antimicrobial solution cleans both sides of the cards. Plasma ions perform a second decontamination, and the card continues to move through a powerful germicidal UV-C light. Finally the card is dried and exits the unit as a pristine card ready to hand to your next guest.

REUSE: Don't Forget the Keycard Giving Celebration

This is the ‘Aaah’ moment – when you hand your guest a fresh, clean keycard. This keycard will give access to their clean rooms with clean bedding, fresh towels and all the attention to detail you have spent in making their stay special and memorable.

Giving your guests their keycard in a special sleeve enhances their experience and confidence that they are with people who take their protection seriously.

Best Practice Check List

How Clean-a-Card™ Technology Benefits You and Your Guests